Unlock LG KP100

Unlocking your LG KP100 is easy.

Most phones are locked to the original network / service provider (i.e if you buy a LG phone from T-mobile, the phone will probably be locked to only accept simcards from T-mobile).

Unlocking is a way of removing this restriction from your LG phone so that it can accept a simcard from any other network worldwide.

'Remote unlocking' is a way of unlocking your LG KP100 Phone over the internet. LG KP100 unlocking can be done via software or unlock code.

Unlocking your LG KP100 via code is the easiest way to perform the unlock of your LG KP100 phone. All you need to do is find a reputable source for LG KP100 unlock codes (we have listed a few below) and order you LG KP100 unlock code from them.  As part of ordering the code you will need to provide them with information about your LG phone such as;
  • The Model of your LG Phone (e.g  LG KP100 )
  • The network that the phone is locked to (this is the original network that the phone is from)
  • The IMEI number ( this can be found by dialing *#06# into your phone. It can also be found in the battery compartment of your LG phone. It is a 15 digit number.
Reputable sources for LG KP100 unlock codes;
  1. LG KP100 Unlock Code Source #1

Please feel free to post details of any other reputable LG KP100 unlock code providers and we will add them to the above list.

Once you have the LG KP100 unlock code from the supplier you can then follow this instruction below on how to enter the code into your phone. Unlocking your LG KP100 online is that simple!

How to enter the unlock code into an LG KP100

1. Insert original sim card and turn phone on.
2. Enter 2945#*20001#
3. Sim unlock mode pop up .
4. Enter your unlock code and press ok
5. The phone will then reboot and the unlock is complete.